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21-Oct-2012 Seems like a long weekend

Sunday 21 October 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

It started Friday night with Advanced Bikram, which I kind of love and hate both at the same time. I love it as it looks simple and I come out of it really having felt like I have stretched, pushed and pulled every muscle, bone and ligament I have. I feel so good. However I am just not very good at it and at least half the poses I either can’t do or do my own modified variant. A real bonus is that I can now do a headstand against a wall without collapsing. This person demonstrates my style in photos.

Afterwards I was up until nearly 2am helping Dawn with a work assignment (formatting graphs).

Saturday started too late to swim at Cronulla so went for a run along the Eric St Track and Jibbon Beach then swam at jibbon. It was hot and sunny and felt like summer – just perfect.

In the afternoon we went to buy boxing stuff for the girls – they seem to be turning the garage into a gym – and then clothes shopping for Ian’s wedding at Miranda. Aaarrgghh!

Back home I went for a proper swim at Hordern’s then did some more of Dawn’s work. Lucky we have a colour laser printer at home!

Sunday I was lifesaving at Burning Palms. I have to be there at 10am and left at 0920 – I seem to leave it layter and later. The sea was rough and still fairly dangerous. One of the guys was doing his proficiency today as he will away when the rest of the sessions are on, so a few of us decided to do it. It’s embarressing to report that as the seas were so big, out of the 3 of us, I was the only one who didn’t complete the swim – the sea was so wild I couldn’t get passed the waves. We did the rest of the proficiency – signals & resusitation. In the afternoon I retried and completed the swim – just – as they were still massive waves. Clearly I need more practise in big waves ! The high tide was very high and we nearly lost the IRB and flags a few times !

I dashed home afterwards as I had to finish of the last print of Dawn’s work before she left at 6pm. I was by now completly buggered, so read the paper. I snuck out for a quick 20min swim just before it got dark.

After dinner I cleaned up and watched some youtube on the big screen – clash remixes and the ramones.

I’d had a chance encounter with big chris stephenson at Miranda and mentioned my water sports to him when he suggested the Royal Challenge event in december – this was on my radar already, so I started to checkout some second-hands surf skis. Then I nealy fell asleep on the sofa (as per usual).

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