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7-Oct-2012 Sunday

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Daylight Saving kicked in last night, so I lost an hours sleep. I was surf lifesaving again and needed to leave by 9.15 but didn’t get up until about 8.50 so rushed around getting ready. It was a sunny morning and I dashed to Burning Palms to find monster swells and a closed beach. It was also quite cold in a string wind. It didn’t change all day but approx high tide at 1.30pm the water was up and under the Boatshed.

(Note the fantastic blue skies !!)

The good news is that as the beach was closed we got off quite early. I went home and immediately went out for a bit of a jog/walk along Bonnie Vale beach and picked up some rubbish. It was my first run of any kind for more than a month so it was a watershed moment and it made me very happy, even though I took it very very gently!

Afterwards I went for a swim at Horderns Beach where the water was warm enough but very rough with a huge rip running westwards. Luckily I made it out in one piece !

Very tired in the evening….. corn thins, homous and chili sauce to eat.

Reading this : AMANDA PALMER’S ACCIDENTAL EXPERIMENT WITH REAL COMMUNISM a fascinating read about music, the music biz, crowd sourcing etc.

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