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6-Oct-2012 Saturday

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I am writing this whilst watching the Into the Wild film – it’s probably one of my favourites. I have the book also that I read in India. I did see that Chris McCandless was born on the same date as me (not the same year though).

This morning I dropped Chelseas and a friend off at another friend’s then drove to Cronulla for a swim. I just love it in the waves, although today was very rainy and windy – no one on the beach at all – even the lifeguards deserted their posts for the dry! I swam around the buoy – 17.7C – so fairly warm in the water and quite decent swell. I loved it so much !!

Then I went to the Best Little Bookshop in town, and traded in 5 books for $27 and bought 2 to cover it, then a new one to boot – I am definitely trying to get rid of my books but its a slow process! I will be getting a kindle or a kindle reader on the Samsung Galaxy phone (when I get it) but either way will be going digital.

I went to the Sylvania fruit shop to get some veggies and Sauerkraut for one of the kids.

Back at home, it was just before 4pm. I’d half thought of going to a Jivamukti class at 6pm, but realised it was 5pm and that I would not make it. I was then going to follow up with the Joe Strummer-inspired Revolution Rock also in Newtown at 8pm, but in the end decided I didn’t want to rush out, and miss yoga and hang around for a few hours AND then get home at 1am. (I am surf lifesaving tomorrow and just want to chillax).

After I’d made the decision, Dawn announced she was about to go running so I went with her, but on my mountain bike. We went down to Big Marley and I just ran from the end of the new firetrail they are building. My first run for a month – my ankle seems to be pretty much better now. However I will still take it easy.

Had a bath then made dinner, a little rice, veggies, with fresh ginger and fresh Turmeric (that I got today in Cronulla), then watch the movie.

  1. Di
    Saturday 13 October 2012 at 11:29

    I would suggest the Kindle as a stand-alone reader, simply for battery life. These new-gen phones just don’t stay charged long enough for you to read on it and use it for other stuff, unless you can plug it in a couple of times a day. The Kindle battery will go for a month if Wi-fi is turned off. I have the most basic Kindle you can buy, and it is surviving really well, including the run to work, in a little canvas purse I bought at Kikki-K. The biggest downside to going digital, is that I can’t lend the books I own to other people to read. Some very few books have lending privileges, but not many that I’ve seen. Project Gutenburg is very good, I have downloaded publications from there, when I was going through my American Civil War-Abolitionist period of reading.Glad you are back running.

  2. Wednesday 17 October 2012 at 21:49

    Di – as always great to hear from you. Dawn has a kindle and loves it so am well aware of its good battery life. I will likely get one also – am slowly trading in heaps of books and lowering the number of unread books. I am likely to get a new phone soon, and if the kindle-experience on it is not good enough I will buy a dedicated kindle device. no doubt I will post here how it goes. cya.

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