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30-Oct-2012 First Surf Lifesaving of the season

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Today was the 2nd weekend of the season, but my first rostered on. I had to be there by 10am, so would need to leav by approx 9.15am, but got up at 8.45am and had a coffee and left at 9.20am. grabbed some apples and a pear and some tamari almonds and 3 medjool dates for lunch. I couldn’t run down the hill, due to my ankle, but still went quite quick. It was very sunny and there quite a lot of bushwalkers and surfers/people in the water. But no rescues. I think they are a rarity at Burning Palms.

One of my mates John picked up a load of rubbish from the Figure 8 pools and I agreed that after the shift I would carry it out and bin it properly. He is a fisherman and hates rubbish – like I do.

During my shift I went for a swim and as always the waves were big and dangerous. I swam out with a tube and did a practise rescue then took out a board and managed to catch a couple of waves back in. The water was very cold and I wore my wetsuit (short sleeves & arms).

After the shift I dumped the rubbish in a bin at Garie Beach and went home, then drove to Beni’s and took Kody and Beni down for the Pie, Mash and Pea & Ginger Beer night. Dawn came down a bit later (just gone 6pm). It was a good night and we left just before the 8.30pm locking of the gates so we could get out and home.

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