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20-Sep-2012 Quiet Evenings

Thursday 20 September 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

As the missus is away and I have been doing the cooking, washing, ironing & feeding the pets AND going to work, I have been tired in the evening but able to do what I like with my time. Luckily we have a small house with one large lounge/living area so I can watch our TV from the kitchen whilst doing the washing up (I don’t believe in dishwashing machines!) and watch it whilst I am doing the ironing.

Most TV of course is crap but these days with the internet you can pick more educational things to watch.

This week I saw:

It’s a bit like my view of driving the car (a necessity) and listening to the radio (99% shite and repeats) so usually download music, podcasts etc and listen to that instead (our car radio has an AUX input so can just plug the ipod in directly and sound is perfect – better than the radio reception given I live in a “remote” area….)

I have swum in the sea most mornings and been doing about 50 crunches as my 16yo daughter is so much better than me and its just embarrassing that I am so weak!

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