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13-Sep-2012 first ashtanga yoga class

Thursday 13 September 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have been doing Bikram yoga for almost 3 years now. I like it. Actually I love it. Even though I am not really that good. Dawn is heaps better, a real natural (like she is at most sports). I have been thinking for a while of doing another style of yoga to try it out. I am not a zealot for one style over another and still feel very much like newbie, so want to try out the different styles. However some of the yogas out there look a bit feeble, which is probably why I like Bikram (even though A LOT of people don’t!). Anyway I figured that Ashtanga would be something that I would quite like. Luckily there is a place near us where the teacher is teaching the Ashtanga style.

I signed up for a 7 week course and went to the first one tonight. It was good. a lot slower and less sweaty than Bikram, but enjoyable. I was ok with the stretchy bits but have now found I am not good at breathing – too much to focus on ! Of course I am not in it for one class or even just the 7 – you have to give it a good year or so – although I probably won’t do it much more than once a week, as I am doing lots of other things ….

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