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18-Jul-2012 Bullshit Detector

Wednesday 18 July 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Whilst trawling the internet I often come across something that strikes a chord with me, and moves me, and tonight was one such occasion. I found this film about the Bullshit Detector series of albums released by Crass. Its 16minutes long and well worth watching and best explains what Bullshit Detector is all about. Its more than just the music. 10 times more. There is even a facebook page.

If you watch the movie then you will have an inkling that it was special records coming at at a special time. All the people interviewed are just like me!

For myself, I was 16 and just finished my ‘O’ levels and took the bus to Liverpool for a week to stay with my same-age cousin. London to Liverpool via Birmingham was a big deal for a small kid in those days. My cousin John had lots of Crass stuff, and the Bullshit Detector records. It was like pure Gold and I spent days reading the record covers, playing the songs and of course going  to Probe records in Liverpool. Those were the days ….

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