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13-Jul-2012 Back from India

Friday 13 July 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well it’s great to be back home and see our family again. Kody was a very impressive young girl, behaved well, tried the food as much as can be expected and was a real credit – just took everything in her stride.

Since being home I have missed home cooked food, going running, going swimming (although it is very cold … but still great).

It’s good to have changed the flights and come home a couple of days early as Dawn has been off from work, the other kids were home and its good to get my head clear before starting work again.

I didn’t take a mobile phone with me and it was just great not having to worry about a phone. I still haven’t turned mine on again !

During June-July 2012 I went to India for over 5 weeks with my 10yr old daughter, Kody. I did write quite an extensive travel diary, and I am in the process of typing it up and adding to this blog. You can read all the posts in chronological order here. For some of that time we were in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, helping out at a school. Feel free to check out some photos here:

Kody’s travel diary is online here.

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