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19-May-2012 Saturday long-ish run (at last!)

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Today (Saturday) was a gloriously sunny day. It was a shame we had to leave at 7.20am for Kody’ s soccer at Barden Ridge as I would sorely have loved a lie-in. It was a bit nippy, so wore my fave hoodie underneath my face black “gorilla” jumper. She lost 5-1. However I love that “sunny but nippy” feeling.

We stopped off at Audley to check out the new cafe that has been open for 2mths and I have only driven past it 100 times without going in! It was great, and despite my initial misgivings about closing the old place, it is probably a welcome improvement.

So by the time I got home I was keen to go out for a longer run, my longest since just before Six Foot when I got injured. I ran to Big Marley and back. Very Gloriously Sunny, but no whales. Thankfully my foot was ok.  I enjoyed the run and even went quite quickly. I have to pull my finger out as the Mt Solitary Marathon is rescheduled for early August and having 6 weeks in India probably won’t help. Anyway it probably wasn’t TAHT long – maybe 1hr 20mins.

After I got back I went for a swim at Hordern’s Beach.  Whilst it was cold to get in, it was still probably 19C and felt great. VERY exhilarating once I got out again. An 20 pushups first!

In the afternoon, I helped Dawn with some of her work documents & letters.

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