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09-Apr-2012 Easter Long Weekend Blur

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The weekend started off on Thursday night with Yoga, which was a good way to let the stresses of the week go (and there were a lot of them … much not achieved!). But in a way it was a bad way to start as it made me tired.

Up fairly early on Good Friday as I was on Surf Lifesaving patrol at Burning Palms beach. It went off quite well ie no rescues but we were buzzed by the helicopter advising us of a 1.5m Hammer head shark cruising just past the break. We didn’t bother to clear the water as most people were shore side. There were some big waves and I took a board out and swam a bit also. Afterwards I went for another swim in the big waves and started the laborious task of carrying out the family surfboards for the winter as this is my last weekend on patrol. Got home and promptly went for a swim and a boogie board with Kody and her friend as the waves were up on Hordern’s beach (a rarity!).

Saturday I got up early and drove to Cronulla to swim round Shark island (1.5km or so). The weather was great, the water was 21.1C according to the sign and the waves were MASSIVE. The group had approx 20 swimmers and we got smashed swimming out and eventually trod water and dived under as the waves came until eventually the set died and we swam madly out. Big waves at Shark Island too with lots of boogie board riders. Coming back thru the “washing machine” was tricky and round the point. I made the error of following someone who cut too close to the break and we ended up on the wrong side of the surfers – luckily made it out before we got smashed against the rocks. Had time for a quick coffee at grind (aka the best bloody place to get a coffee EVER. ANYWHERE). Drove straight to Burning Palms for patrol again. This time the wind was up and the waves were shite but still made it swimming.

Sunday I was back again for the club championships – I amazed myself by competing and finishing all events and not coming last in any! The Swim was cool (and I got soundly thrashed coming in 2nd or 3rd from last out of approx 15) and I nearly didn’t enter the board ride due to the big surf and pommy background but I did ok and even rode a BIG wave in. The “marathon” run was up the beach, tap a rock and come back, I thought I’d do well in but came in 5th from 6 – its a lot harder on sand. There are some fit people there! In the afternoon we saw a whale and Dawn plus kids came down. (actually Kody was there all day). Did Skype with Mum/Dad in the UK and also Ian my brother who is there on holiday.

Monday I had a lie in as I felt stiff & sore all over (just like running!). Made it out of bed to do the washing up as Dawn was working last night then went to Miranda to see The Lorax in 3D. I was very impressed and especially as it had such a strong environmental message.

Am not looking forward to the real world of work tomorrow!

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