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31-Mar-2012 Before Action! clean your slate

Saturday 31 March 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s a Saturday night and Dawn is at work, 2 of the kids are out, and its nice & peaceful. I watched Kody play soccer this morning. I took Jazmin out for a driving lesson this afternoon, and even squeezed in a totally awesome swim at the beach this afternoon (very choppy!)

I am watching Into The Wild on TV, one of my most favourite films. Also catching up on reading some articles on the computer, when I found this article on Forging Action. The author Raam Dev is a totally amazing person and I half wish I had his nerve (or maybe I wish I had half his nerve).

Reflecting on my own recent history, I have given up organising the Six Foot Track Marathon, running the CoolRunning website, selling Loco running shoes, and collecting old running shoes and to an extent I have dropped out of the running scene ie running lots of races to the exclusion of a lot of other equally-worthwhile endeavours.

I feel that I have been cleaning my slate to make room for new activities.  Like what ? I am totally sure that I wouldn’t have set myself the goal of  qualifying as a surf lifesaver (and taking part in actual patrols). I know I wouldn’t have had the mind space to go to India to volunteer at a school/charity for 3 weeks (upcoming in June/July).

So Raam’s article is something that resonates very deeply with me – and crystallises the thought – I want to do stuff, not talk about it or read about it. Who knows what other adventures await?!

Other cool stuff I have seen in the last couple of days:

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