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22-Jan-2012 Ran Well!

Sunday 22 January 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got up at 10am (still recovering from going back to work) and as Dawn is working later she’ll be getting up late, so I did a load of chores – washing up, sweeping the floors, feeding rabbits, pop to shop, sort the kids out (Chelsea & Jazmin had friends sleepover so we had 5 teenagers in the house, counting Kody who is almost a teenager!). Then sorted out the new wifi modem for Dawn who wants to take the laptop to work, then helped her do her coursework.

We finally went running together approx 3.30pm which is quite rare for us to go together. I wanted to do a time trial of “gate to gate” (Marley Trig point gate to the Bundeena gate). I ran 1h 18m back in July and wanted to try again. I took my iPod with The Clash and The Specials. I usually start quicker than Dawn then slow up, and she is better on firetrail than me. Anyway, it was quite hot/sticky humid and I set a “cracking” pace. She didn’t catchup and I came in 1h 02m and Dawn in 1h 03m. However I think Nick Galvin did 1h 01m (although that was in the winter – summer is definitely harder). Very pleased with that.

Had a dip in the sea afterwards which felt like total heaven. In the evening I watched the DVD of the North Face 100km race. It was a very good video and I wouldn’t mind running it myself.

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  1. Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 05:58

    TNF100 is a great race – AROC do an awesome job with the organization, and while plenty of folks think both the cost and the mandatory gear list is excessive, having such great track markings and great aid stations make for a really enjoyable event. The scenery is stunning too.
    I give off my training for this years event in a couple of weeks, so I’m sure I’ll see you out on the trails in the RNP while you’re ripping off PBs on the Gate to Gate :).

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