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1-Jan-2012 New Year!

Sunday 1 January 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

There is an interesting article on New Year Resolutions here: the annual placebo effect – I liked that but still made so,e resolutions anyway:

  • Drink more water – I have been drinking a lot more anyway, but want to continue the habit.
  • Go to Crossfit at least once per week.
  • Keep making a serious effort to do exercise every single day (I do mostly anyway).
  • Go to India and work for a charity (I have already half-sorted something out).
  • Do some yoga in India – most likely Rishikesh – will probably take some lessons in other styles before I go though, so I at least have some clue.
  • Keep on my paleo-like diet of no bread, no pasta, no noodles, and generally little/no wheat as well as being 98% vegan without stressing about it or getting too freaky.
  • Stretch goal : not to work too hard and worry less about it!

Anyway, New Year’s started on a bit of late note – got up approx 10.30am when my Mum rang from the UK. I didn’t run the traditional New Year’s day run as was too tired/late so it was a bit disappointing. took the dog for a walk, went for a swim – it was a hot & sunny day, perfect for not doing a lot. Dawn worked last night and was working again tonight so she was only around a little. Went for a quick swim with her and then went for a run myself after she had gone to work – to Maianbar and back along the spit  (I quite like that – took approx 40mins). In  the evening, Peter’s last, we had a bbq on the back deck. Nice & relaxing.

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