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31-Dec-2011 New Year’s Eve

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Kids were up earlyish again as it was the last day of Surfing in Cronulla. I drove them round and was going to run the Sand Dunes at Wanda but insted went for a coffee at Grind and a look around the bookshop. I bought this book : India Calling. Then walked along the coast path and met Tall Geoff Evison from CoolRunning and then immediately afterwards, Claudio from work. Small World.

The Kids enjoyed the surfing and seem to be quite proficient now (unlike me!!). Me and Kody had some Sushi and Pete/Chelsea had a Subway for lunch. We went home and had a quiet couple of hours. Went to the beach.

We headed out for the evening about 6.30pm to pick up Chelsea’s friend Tabitha but typical Chelsea didn’t arrange a time or a place and didn’t take her phone number. We eventually caught up after ringing her Mum and went to Cronulla but the Guzman Y Gomez there was shut (wtf!), so we drove straight to Newtown to see the 9pm fireworks from Sydney Park Hill. We got there approx 8.30pm so the timing was good. The fireworks were ok.

We then walked into Newtown and went to eat at a Thai Restaurant – we were all starving by then. Luckily it wasn’t far to the railway station where we eventually got on a train to Milson’s Point, dealt with the usual dilemma of kids wanting to go pee. It was quite different than before as there were massive fences everywhere herding people in one direction. We got a decent spot by about 11.45pm. Great timing.

The fireworks were good, but we were probably the wrong side of the harbour bridge. There was a massive crush getting back onto the train, but we made it eventually, the kids were pretty good. We eventually got back to the car at close to 2am, and cam home just stopping for petrol and the kids to get a slurpee from 7/11, eventually getting home approx 3.20am. Pretty much went straight to sleep, after deciding NOT to get up at 04.30 for the Beyond the Black Stump run on New Year’s Day.


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