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23-Dec-2011 Massacred

Friday 23 December 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Was up approx 5.20am and left to drive to Cronulla for a swim with Mick and Stu. Car park was full so had to park elsewhere and run to the start for 6.30am – seems like it was boot camp and surf lifesaving/nippers Xmas parties so early in the morning. There were approx 20+ people for swimming. Water was meant to be 21 but felt cold to start with. Quite big waves, but swam well and came in approx 2/3 down the pack. A great swim. Went for coffee afterwards. Drove home and took it easy until approx 2pm as I had to go out to buy a new mixer for Dawn and a USB bub for Jazmin from the Good Guys at Caringbah.

Drove onto Kogarah and went to Crossfit there for the 4pm class. the WOD (work out of the day) was: 4 reps of 5 mins, of as many of rounds of these as possible within the 5mins (2min 30secs between each rep) :

  • 5 Pull ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Air Squats

I generally did 2 or 3 rounds per rep, for 11 rounds all up. Obviously the pullups were not the proper ones, as I am far to weak for that – I was using a green elastic band. I was totally shattered afterwards although surprisingly not quite the worst in the class (but pretty close to it). All up I had 55 pullups, 110 pushups and 165 air squats. What make it worse is that I can do approx 30+ pushups straight off, but these are nose to floor, the Crossfit ones today were chest to floor and they are MUSH harder.

I had time for a quick jog to Ramsgate beach and had a quick dip and run back to the car to head back to Caringbah for the 6 o’clock yoga (the last class before a 4 day xmas break).

Unfortunately it was obvious that a yoga class straight after crossfit was a big mistake. BIG MISTAKE. I couldn’t put my arms over my head, couldn’t balance, missed a few poses – I was a total wreck – Massacred. My muscles on my arms were twitching and the girl next to me thought I was about to pass out.

Did some final food shopping and got home by 9pm. wrecked.

ps the Crossfit-FX facebook page is well cool – shows all the daily workouts, usually with cool videos too.

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