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21-Dec-2011 Bondi plus Indian food

Wednesday 21 December 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

As usual everyone got up quite late. I did the washing up from the night before, then went down to the beach for a swim. The weather was warm & sunny, the tide was low, no waves, crystal clear water, so swam to Bonnie Vale, which is always a good swim – most of the time the water is maybe 6 feet deep and easy to see the bottom and some big fish. By the time I got back, people were up and we sort of got ready to go to Bondi, where we walked along the coast to Bronte and had a swim in the pool there, and bought some cold drinks.

I usually park halfway up Bondi Rd down a sidestreet as there is usually free parking there, and I always walk past a clothes shop in Bondi with this really cool poster on the wall – I finally found a copy of the picture on the internet. noice!

In the evening we picked up Dawn after yoga and drove to Surry Hills and went to the Maya Indian restaurant, believe it or not the kids were desperate to go here (good brainwashing on my part!!!) The kids are starting to eat more of the food and quite enjoy it. We bought some deserts to have at home (not vegan!). All up approx $100 including drinks and deserts.

Home & bed approx 11pm.

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