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20-Dec-2011 Wattamolla

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I got up approx 8am and went for a decent run to Jibbon and the sandy track and swam around the furthest buoy at Jibbon. Went home and tidied some more of my desk and posted off some CoolRunning stuff to Craig, some more Loco shoes etc. After the kids got up, as it looked like a nice day, we drove the 10mins to Wattamolla and did the short bush walk then climbed down the waterfall. I guess its a bit like canyoning – there was quite a lot of water in the waterfall and its a long climb down, through the water, over boulders, using hands and feet etc, but no ropes required. At a few places the kids were freaked out but overall it was pretty safe. At the bottom you come out into the lagoon. Last time here, we had to swim in our clothes and shoes but this time the water was only deep enough to wade in (one or two of the kids swam). The kids played with the ball in the lagoon and we even had a quick swim in the sea before coming back home.

In the evening me and Dawn were going to yoga, but I set up the BBQ and started cooking it, then left Peter and Jaz to finish it off. It seemed to work well and they didn’t burn the place down!

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