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19-Dec-2011 at home day

Monday 19 December 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Monday is the first proper day of the holidays was got up late 10am, Dawn was up at 11am – amazingly the kids are well trained and no one was up any earlier than 09.30am. Posted approx 10 pairs of shoes in the Loco Closing Down Sale. Took the older 2 (Jaz and Chel) and Peter up to Sutherland as they were going to the city as the weather was raining. They were going Xmas shopping. Then I went swimming in the rain – the water was pretty warm, maybe 19C. Did some work work (refer here) and cooked dinner, then picked up the kids. Then went running along Bonnie Vale, went for a quick swim at the end, then picked up rubbish on the way back (in the pouring rain). In the evening watched the CrossFit every second counts movie. Nice end to the day.

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