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13-Dec-2011 Swim to Cronulla coming up

Tuesday 13 December 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Its funny how everyone in the Shire is connected in some way. I was wondering about the pre-Xmas swim from Bundeena to Cronulla (best part of 4k) would be – well I got emailed the Bushies newsletter today :

Christmas Eve run: Saturday 24 December is Christmas Eve and the run will begin at Bundeena Wharf. After the run a number of Bushies will join some others for a swim from Bundeena across the bay to Cronulla Beach. A highlight of this swim is watching Kevin Tiller battle his way across the bay. People would pay good money for the entertainment that Kevin provides, but we get to watch if free of charge. Any kayak paddlers who would like to escort a swimmer, just bring along your boat and after the run you can help them out. I’m sure any assistance would be appreciated. However, if you want to follow Kevin Tiller, you had better bring some lunch.

Well I will be there for sure on Xmas Eve!

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