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7-Aug-2011 Yoga with Kostya Tszyu

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Sunday – wanted to go swimming in Cronulla but didn’t fancy getting up too early. Took the dog for a walk, then walked along the beach to Bundeena Markets with the youngest daughter. It was a great day, so decided to go for a stand-up paddle to Jibbon Beach and back. I guess it took about an hour all up. Luckily I can get in, paddle there, surf onto the beach without falling off, then do it in reverse on the way back. Went for a swim afterwards. Cool but nice.

In the evening we went to yoga. Met Kostya Tszyu afterwards, I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed his tell-tale rat-tail or whatever you call it but thought “nah he wouldn’t come to yoga here”. I asked him if it was his first time and he said it was different, so I asked what he normally did thinking that if he said Boxing then it was him (I am much too polite to just ask outright). Anyway some yelled out “It’s Kostya Tszyu you nong!”.

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