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31-Jul-2011 Busy day Sunday

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Sunday was a very busy day. The older 2 kids were playing soccer at Sylvania at 8.10am so we had to leave home at 7am, so up at 6.15 to coordinate the troops. Kirsten was staying (from Dubai) and little Ko was coming to watch also. It was 4C when we left home! After the game (lost 2-1, last game of the season) we went to Brasserie Bakery in Botany for breakfast which was very good (my first time there, but now the bread well, although I don’t really eat bread now … (more on that later). Then we drove to Bondi and went for a walk, went to the markets and finally after almost 2 weeks out of the water (bad chest cold cough etc) I went in for a swim. Undoubtedly the highlight of the day – the water was crystal clear, beautiful little waves, and quite warm (didn’t see the temp but I estimate 17C or 18C) then had a little jog along the beach.

We then dropped Kirsten off at the airport where we met her sister then flew on to Melbourne. We drove back to Cronulla and dropped off the older kids to take the ferry home then went to Yoga where me  & Ko met Dawn. The yoga was massive – 60 people max reached and he sent loads home. It must have been all the Living Social ticket users (like us) who bought a month’s yoga for $29 instead of $165. It was really hot and the mats were only 20cm apart or so – very squashy.

After that we went to Cronulla, met the kids and saw Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part 2. I am not a HP fan at all, so I could have done without that. Got home approx 10pm. Buggered. But enjoyed the day.

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