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28-Jul-2011 Fruit

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My current favourite fruit is oranges. Take 1 orange and cut in half, then half again then each of the pieces in half again. You should end up with 8 pieces as these are the best size to put one section in your mouth, suck the juice out then the flesh. Eat entirely, pulp and all, until you are just left with the peel. Its best if you keep them in the fridge so they are cold. The current fad started after we went to yoga almost 2 years back, and we have them each time we finish yoga – better than juice, better than anything in fact. Now I have 1 or 2 a day. My juice consumption has gone down and what can be more natural than a fresh orange ?

In the summer I love plums. yum plum.

In the past as a kid I was lucky to have fruit quite a lot, but what stick out most is pick your own strawberries. Eat half as you are going and pay for the other half. Back then we had cream and sugar which is such a shame as strawberries are just soo delicate. dog crap would probably taste ok with cream & sugar!

I also remember the first mango I had. Back in those days we never saw them in the shops in the UK and when I went to Hong Kong and saw some I just had to buy one to taste. I had no idea how to eat them, so just bit into it like an apple, ate the skin and the flesh. The skin was a bit tough though !!

Apples, mm I love t eat them all, even the core. We were lucky to have 3 apple trees in my garden as a kid, all 3 were of different varieties – you don’t get that so much now.

I could probably talk all day about fruits I have enjoyed …..

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