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23-Jul-2011 Yoga update

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I did the Bikram Advanced class again yesterday, with Dawn and Kody (!) Dawn is clearly great at yoga, and can do anything (she used to do Gymnastics as a kid). We have been going pretty consistently for 4-5 weeks or so. I am still crap at 60% of the poses, but it is a lot different from the Beginner’s series.

Interesting aside, Bikram’s original class was the “advanced” class, but most westerners couldn’t do it, so he made it simpler – hence the beginners’ class.

I am still doing yoga all up 3 times a week (now and again, but rarely I do 4 classes). It’s tough as the classes are 90mins, and byt the time you get their, cool down and go home etc it can sometimes take 3hrs a class! The last 3 weeks with being sick and the older 2 away I have only been 2 classes. With the beginner’s class I am not too bad. I can’t do the tougher ones, but I know the routine well so it “looks like” I am good, but maybe I know enough to fake it. I sometimes get caught when we have different teachers who emphasise different aspects. I reckon that now after almost 1.75 years, that it will take me another 3-5 years before I am good enough to go to teacher training. Do I want to be a teacher ? I might teach a few as confirmation that I started at the bottom and got to a decent standard. Even if I practise for 30 years I will never be that good.

But I do love it so much.

Earlier in the year I planned to do some different yoga style, and figured Ashtanga looked suitable, but I haven’t done that yet – I will stick with trying to be a better “crossfit”er.

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