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21-Jul-2011 A day of prayer & fasting

Thursday 21 July 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well Gandhi used to refer to days of prayer & fasting, for myself its not spiritual. I started with a cough on Sunday, which really developed on Monday which hurt my chest to cough. On Tuesday people at work complained that I sounded so ill, I was bound to pass it on. So they forced me to go home early. Wednesday I felt really ill – a bad headache etc and I didn’t even get up properly until almost lunchtime. Due to the extreme rain, the weir was flooded (no surprise) so I had to take the long way round to go to the medical centre. I got some antibiotics which is very rare, but the advantage is they started working straight away. Went to bed early.

Today, Thursday, I feel a bit better, still a bit fragile and still got a nasty cough. I dropped the kids of at Ferry, and dancing this evening, but otherwise spent sometime doing a bunch of chores I haven’t got round to doing for a while. For instance migrating http://kevintiller.com

I also found a great website – http://www.sugarmegs.org which has got loads of live concerts to download. I made a nice lunch for myself (a vege-burger with beetroot covered with a spinach and salsa mound). The I made the kids a nice miso-soup (with soba noodles for them) for tea.

I suspect if I go to bed soon I shall be ok for work tomorrow.

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  1. Di
    Tuesday 26 July 2011 at 22:36

    Yum! When your cold is better, can I come over for lunch? 🙂 Hope you’re improved, chest things are tough to shift sometimes when you’re busy.

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