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16-Jul-2011 Best. Workout. Ever.

Saturday 16 July 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

After Kody’s soccer & visit to Ramsgate Organic Markets & Pet Shop blah blah, I felt like I needed a bit of me time. So approx 2pm I kayaked to Cronulla and ran to greenhills where I did as bunch of pushups, balances on balance bar, pull ups, monkey bars, dips etc – I am getting stronger in my upper body was was massively outclassed by some of the other people there.

Then I ran back to South Cronulla and went for a swim almost to The Point. The water felt cold but the sign said 17.3C. It said there were some rips and it was obvious when I stepped into the water, pulling this way and that. However the swim was great but had to time it well when landing back on the beach due to big waves and weird rips., then ran back to where the kayak was and kayak back home.

I was very cold and had to have a warm shower to re0vitalise – overall took 2 hrs exactly – perfect time – not too short, not too long, but so many sports – I was on a bit of high (when collapsed on the sofa). Needless to say, after I had dinner I just zonked out.

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