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11-Jul-2011 Passed swim trial

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I had today off work, as Dawn was off, and Kody has been at home by herself a lot. They both didn’t get up until almost noon, so I spent some time in the morning doing some work, all the household chores etc. Then in the afternoon I ran to Maianbar, swam across to the Spit as the tide was high and ran back along the beach to Bonnie Vale. The water was cold, probably 17C, but I have been swimming most days so it was ok. In total it was approx 7km, but it looks like my legs really are fixed now. phew !

Then I drove Dawn to yoga whilst me and Kody went swimming at Sutherland Pool. I am thinking of being a lifesaver at Burning Palms but to pass the test you have to swim 400m in 9mins, and I have no idea if that is easy or hard so decided to do a time trial. I swam 8mins 8secs in the outdoor pool (25C) which was ok as my arms were still sore from doing pullups, monkey bars etc from yesterday. I then went inside with Kody to do some more swimming (30C). Her swimming is getting a lot better.

Then we both went to Sushi Train at Cronulla for some dinner, before picking up Dawn and heading home.

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