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3-Jul-2011 Gate to gate run

Sunday 3 July 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have been trying to get back into doing some long runs, and Nick Galvin, a good friend in Bundeena who also does a bit of running had said that he uses this run as a time trial so I figured I should try it out.

The route goes from the Marley Gate close to Bundeena to the gate at the other Marley track, by the trig point. Or Vice Versa. However running TO the trig has a decent 6km uphill, so is likely slower than the return.

Even though it is winter, the sun was out and it was quite warm. Nick said he’d run it in 1hr 03mins, and that 1hr flat would be a good goal to aim at. Anyway I ran 1hr 18min and to be honest was happy with that. I ran back along the road and it was approx 2hr 30min by the time I got home. I was well-wiped out.

It was a great time trial and I will remember this for the future.

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