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17-Apr-2011 Tour of RNP Shacks

Sunday 17 April 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have always been intrigued by the Shacks in the Royal National Park. During there week there was a newspaper article about an open day there where you can walk in and go around a bunch of the shacks. I could have gone to Era or Burning Palms but chose to go to Burning Palms as I have spent a fair amount of time at Era before.

Obviously it was tipping down with rain on Saturday night so my involvement was in some doubt (don’t mind the rain but its not much fun) but Sunday was ok – looked like rain but held off. Still quite warm. A decent walk in from Garrawarra and a tour and talks with lots of locals. The shacks were all very funky one-roomed affairs with antique style fittings.

As a bonus I have been thinking about joining a surf club as a lifesaver and now seriously thinking about Burning Palms – it is a well cool place.

Link to newspaper article or a pdf version.

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