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12-Apr-2011 Justin Bieber Movie

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My 9 year old daughter wanted to see the Justin Bieber movie, especially as its in 3d. I figured it was the school holidays so I would take her. She was very happy.

Having read the review in the Guardian (ie a trusted source), my expectation were very very low. Amazingly everyone else said they would go to to make it a Family Outing so we all trooped off to Westfield Miranda.

To be fair, it far exceeded my expectation – it was quite a good movie, with quite a lot of background and video from his even-younger childhood. Regardless of whether you like the music or the whole celebrity aura, it left me thinking that people can do amazing things if they believe/try hard enough.

I like books and films about PEOPLE, and in particular people who really try to do something different. Bieber may be the end product of a highly optimised machine, but he does have a bunch of talent – how he chooses his life options in the next 10 years will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

The 3d aspect was pretty cool also, I am quite impressed by that type of technology – definitely exceeds what I thought would be very cheesy.

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  1. Tuesday 19 April 2011 at 07:11

    “… end product of a highly optimised machine” would have been my thoughts also. But I read an article about Bieber in a recent Vanity Fair, and he seems surprisingly grounded. Good luck to him.

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