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5-Apr-2011 Mentioned in Bushies Newsletter

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I got a mention in today’s newsletter from the Billes Bushies :

Heard on the run: Last week at the start of the Bundeena run Kevin Tiller said to Crack, “You’ll have to take them this week. I’m carrying a bit of extra weight at the moment.” Kevin is now the front runner for the Bushies Understatement of the Year Award. Later on during the run, Kevin said something along the lines of: “I’m stuffed! If I collapse out here you’ll just have to bury me beside the track.” The same thought immediately went through the minds of everyone within earshot, “Shovels will be no use: we’ll need something big and mechanical.”


Praise: Things are not all bad for Kevin T. During discussions about the Six Foot Track someone mentioned that the race organisation is just not the same since Kevin retired. Everyone present agreed.

I assume all of it was a joke!

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