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5-Apr-2011 Crawling home & Sunday capers

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Whilst my kids do the usual kid things, learning to swim, dance, other lessons etc they have never done team sports, ever. Until this term – aged 9, 13 and 15 they all decided to take up soccer, so my saturday and sunday mornings are bung with watching, ferrying kids etc. this places a strain on my own sporting activities – Saturday I missed the Bushies run at Helensburgh and Sunday I wanted to do the Stanwell Park swim, or even the run with coolrunners in the RNP

oh well the kids are only kids for a very short period of time.

After soccer and a visit to miranda to buy bras, I managed to get home and go for a standup paddle. It was a hot day and I paddled from near the Ferry wharf to Jibbon beach – hard work as the tide was coming in and it got a bit choppy further out. Had a quick swim at Jibbon then back again. I am definitely getting much better now – can go all the way out and back without falling off, unless the waves are big (more than a metre) or the wind is blowing a gale. Can even surf right up onto the beach and just step off the board.

Back home I went out for a run (90mins) along a track I had discovered last year, unfortunately I lost the way a littler and ended up crawling out thru the bush on my hands and knees then run back along the road. By the time I got home I was well and truly stuffed. Got home about 10mins before it got dark and just had time for a quick dip in the sea. Slept like a baby.

I backed up nicely this morning (Monday) but getting up at 5am and making it over to Cronulla for my first 6.30 swim for a few weeks, since the end of daylight savings it is light again – big swell and lots of chop around Shark Island. 22.2C in the water.

ps this post composed whilst listening to the return of Big Audio Dynamite

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