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2-Apr-2011 Not a fan of bottled water

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I am not a fan of bottled water.

Click here to see some good arguments of why bottled water is not good.

Yes you can argue that drinking bottled water is better than drinking bottled coke, but if that’s the case the get it out of the tap!

I prefer a metal bottle – usually my funky radiohead one – yes I am aware it was shipped from the UK, I guess if I use it enough it will work out better in the end.

  1. Saturday 2 April 2011 at 23:58

    I agree that bottled water is the work of the devil. I just can’t understand why people drink it. I didn’t need to click the link (although I did) … it just does not make one iota of sense to me.

    Unless you live where tap water is contaminated, it’s a ready source of good, clean refreshment. Chill it in the fridge if you want, but it’s always there (for most of the world, not all), and it tastes great!

    We’re on tank water here, but out bodies are long used to, and ignore, the dead frogs and such … I reckon our water tastes good, and we have a spring in the bottom paddock, which I sometimes bottle and take to runs. Just so I can say “here, try some Bellthorpe Spring Water”.

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