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21-Mar-2011 Post Sixfoot Tiredness

Monday 21 March 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am still really tired, not sure why but I am blaming it on running six foot last weekend. Anyway over the weekend I did the following:

Saturday – got out of bed real late, like 11am. It was raining hard but I went for a swim in the biggish waves. In the afternoon I went to yoga then watched the Black Swan film, and mucked around on the pc and went to bed at 2am – maybe that’s why I’m tired !
Sunday – Got up very late again, 10am or after. Went for a run around Maianbar and thru the mud (it was quite warm & sunny) then dashed off to yoga (again). By the evening I was totally buggered & dehydrated. However I always do better with yoga on the 2nd consecutive day – it’s a bit like running – the more I do the better I get.

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