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12-Nov-2010 Off sick

Friday 12 November 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was off work sick today. I was pretty bad. yesterday I had a splitting headache, like migraine and wanted to leave work early, but couldn’t really as I was pretty busy. Was going to yoga after work but bailed out as I felt too crook to even concentrate. By the time I got home my nose was dripping and my eyes were puffing up. Went straight to bed. Was mean to get up early to swim at Cronulla but knew the likelihood of going was pretty slim. I didn’t and missed a great day – it was beautiful, but I just spent the day at home, in bed, pottering around on the computer. went for a walk with the dog and a quick dip in the sea – the beach was beautiful and deserted and I caught up on a lot of chores. makes me think I should take at least a day off a month to recharge my batteries. It would have been great if I felt good today, but I made the best of a bad day … I guess.

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