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7-Aug-2010 A Slow Saturday

Saturday 7 August 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Got up late and just pottered around. Sorted kids out. I think its just been a busy week at work – late nights and early mornings. I have a bit of a headache – not sure if that is due to the wine or not …

This afternoon I ran to Jibbon and swam probably 500m. Water very cold but clear. All up was approx 5km run but felt great. Especially after the zap all over I got by getting back out of the water.

I would say that I really enjoy swimming in the cold. Not “endure” or “put up with” but actually “enjoy” and look forward to it.

Will probably do some CoolRunning and/or Sixfoot stuff tonight and go to bed early.

Jibbon Beach

Note – not my photo – just linked from one on Flickr.

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