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2-Aug-2010 Monday = Bank Holiday

Monday 2 August 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I work for a Bank and Monday was a Bank Holiday so no work! Even better as the kids were all at school!

Although I am sure my leg is not fixed I went for a run anyway. It was great 8km of running in the cold wind but it felt to be out again (although it was well sore byt he evening but it could also have been the walking on sand that did it in)

I went swimming at Hordern’s beach – although it looked beautiful and clear, I reckon it was the coldest I have ever swum in. Check out the photos.

I also went for a walk with the missus along Bonnie Vale. Then in the evening I went running so needless to say I was totally cactus by the time I got home (late).

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