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27-Jun-2010 To Cronulla

Sunday 27 June 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had been thinking for a while about sitting on my stand up board and paddling it with a kayak paddle. I went out this afternoon to Cronulla – actually round Shark Island. Wow – within 5mins my thighs were killing me – I guess sitting at 90 degrees places certain strains. Anyway I eventually made it to Shark Island but the waves/swell were pretty big there, like 1m-2m. I just went round the island one way. I was supposed to be back in time to go to Yoga but realised the tide was with me on the way and I’d never make it back in time going against the tide (if I made it home at all). I pulled into Cronulla (and rode the wave like a pro!!!) and called home (remember this 1800-REVERSE). Predictably when I suggested Dawn pick up up with my board she told me to f-off and I walked it back to the white house – like miles and miles away- and I was really cactus and just paddled home from there. I was totally stuffed by the time I got home. (I had swum 1km earlier in the day also).

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