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26-Jun-2010 Cronulla Swim

Saturday 26 June 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Went swimming at Cronulla – the first for a while. It’s been getting colder but another new guy from work (Rod) said he went on a saturday morning at 7.30am. There were a whole bunch there approx 12-15 in total. I was the only one without a wetsuit. He showed me where the Hulme Report is – some guys swim at 6.30am every day and post up the temperature and how many sleeps til Melboune cup (!). We swam around Shark Island. We saw a small sea turtle and a big blue groper which was super cool. Obviously it was cold getting in the water but after a few mins I had warmed up ok. The swim was of course just totally stunning and I love swimming there so much. Went for a coffee afterwards, which was quite cold sitting outside.

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