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18-Jun-2010 On Sadhus

Friday 18 June 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Been too busy this week to do much. annoyed about leaving home earlier & earlier and not getting in till late. Anyway, been reading this and found the following noteworthy:

It was fantastic to belong to the brotherhood of sadhus now, to have renounced the world. All those people who wasted their lives chasing after cheap material pleasures, all that greed, all that technology, all that corruption and stress — it was a disaster that could only end in a total catastrophe. As a sadhu he went in the opposite direction, to an increasingly simple life in harmony with nature, like in the stone age. He was going back to the roots, back in time, and finally, back to the womb, to the source of life. “Of course, sadhus aren’t perfect but at least they are doing something about it.”

I think that I have been reading on and off about sadhus since I first went to India and I think there is something there that I aspire to (even though I am not totally sure what, exactly). As a good example I have always known that I could never commit suicide, much more likely to disrobe and walk away from it all – to be a sadhu and drift around.

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