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9-May-2010 Weekend Exercise

Sunday 9 May 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I went for the greatest swim to Bonnie Vale and back on Saturday, approx 1hr. Very clear water, very warm. loads of fish, big small, blue, silvery etc. Even though the summer is over the water was still 20C+. Went for a kayak/Stand up paddle with Dawn, Jazmin and then a swim on the beach incl Chelsea. Jazmin was very impressive in her balancing. Dawn barely had the nerve to stand upright, and certainly not paddle anywhere! Then Yoga. And a run.

Sunday swimming, more paddling but the sea was very choppy still I didn’t fall in. I also sold my spot in the North Face 100k as I had missed too much training with my calf. I think the calf is better, but I do have an issue with my bum, muscle in leg. Steve Bodnar reckons I might have torn the hammy off the bone. It sounds a bit dramatic but the symptoms are eerily similar to his. I think I did it during Yoga. It only hurts driving the car or sitting down for a long time eg on the train or at work.

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