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6-May-2010 Endless Steppe

Thursday 6 May 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I went to the library last weekend and borrowed 5 books in approx 10mins. I finished reading the first one, the Endless Steppe today. I realised it was a kids book but it was very good. Now I am old enough to have my own family I can see what a trauma the whole thing was.  Scary.

The other thing I have found is that I am really keen to always learn more about each author I read, to understand their particular perspective. This book was a true story, and I was keen to see that the author moved to the USA but died last year. I guess that’s a really neat thing about the internet these days – everything at your fingertips.

I tried to get my kids (teenagers) to read it but they are a waste of space where anything cultured is concerned. Jazmin read the complete Twilight series in a few weeks over summer, so she can read stuff if she wants but she’s always on the computer or playstation. Scary.

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