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27-Oct-2009 Weekend

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So after my last post (Thurs evening), it’s been interesting.
Late Thurs night (12:20am) I went for a run. I wanted a good hit out without risk of tripping in the dark, so decided to run along Bundeena Drive to Maianbar turn and into Maianbar – not really advisable during the day as a fair few cars and no pavement. But at night running on the road is ok. Most of the way was in the middle of the road with torch turned off. I went quite quick. Its about 5km up hill to the turn then about 3-4km down to Maianbar. I felt like I pushed most the way, plus the sheer adrenaline of running in the dark, looking over the hills. Very still and beautiful – luckily a warm night so just in singlet & shorts. At Maianbar I went down to the beach and crossed the water to Bonnie Vale. It was half tide so was waist deep. The torch shone into the water which was crystal clear and was warm and it was very surreal. Then a good dash back into bundeena arriving at 1.40am, a quick shower and hop into bed. Some nights you feel like you could just go on forever and its a shame to actually stop. Needless to say I was very sore on Friday.

Yoga in Darlinghurst on Fri evening, then a $8 masala dosa at Jaipur Sweets on the way home. Yoga generally makes me float down the street afterwards – the high is probably even better than running:

“It is the only subject where the subject is not also the object.”
The yoga posture (the “object”) is the subject of the class, but the yoga posture is not the POINT of the class. The point of the class is what happens to you, in your body and mind, when you do the yoga. I think it’s to remind people that the purpose of coming to yoga is to heal your body and your mind, instead of just trying to do a really great standing head to knee pose. You still need to work on standing head to knee pose, and study standing head to knee pose, and try to do it better every time you do it! But at the end of the day, the pose ITSELF is almost irrelevant. What matters is the process… and of course, the results of that process.

On Saturday I ran with the bushies at Helensburgh. Great photo of the Bushies in their new tops, but I only managed running 10-15mins before I went over on my ankle. I would say it wasn’t my fault – some people were talking and I was paying more attention to what they were saying than watching the crappy boulder-strewn track we were running on. My fault I guess.

I hobbled back to the start and went home, and went for a swim instead. Actually 2 swims (one with the missus). Then in the afternoon we went to yoga in Caringbah. On Sunday I did 2km swim in the pouring rain at Sutherland pool and then went in the sea again in the late afternoon.

Monday I was cactus, stiff and tired and of course the weather was shit-house.

a lifetime serving one machine
is ten times worse than prison

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