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22-Oct-2009 Update

Thursday 22 October 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have been running a storm – mainly at the weekends. really hard runs sat and sunday and a few midweek runs too. Usually 2hrs hard and I mean really hard. Beating the missus type hard – and if you know her then you’ll appreciate that’s hard. Obviously all runs are in the RNP. Also swimming more in both pool and sea. I am hoping that the manly to the bridge 11km swim is on again this year as I will do that. and the odd kayak. Also done 10 bikram yoga classes in 20 days (a class is 90mins). I love that. I think its making me stronger article1  and article2.

Obviously been too stuffed to do anything else much. But the six foot ball is rolling again for this year – handover to Colin going well. He is a good bloke. I am putting everything I can in a sub-5hr finish then I will see about some longer ones next year. I pretty much quit coolrunning, but still not sure how it will all pan out.

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