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15-Sept-2009 Ups & Downs

Tuesday 15 September 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well it’s been a while since I posted. I have been doing lots of runs at night 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, midnight etc. Its a bit like when I first started running as a 15 year old – out every night in the dark running around in my soccer kit. Took me a year to buy proper running shoes, and another year before I read a running mag or did a race. So I’m keeping it old skool – lots of sweat and no fancy stuff.

Went running in the blue mtns a couple of weeks back. Went from Woodford to Glenbrook, not quite where the race goes as we ran back out thru the causeway and up to the top by the toll booth. I wrote it down as 30km. Started 10pm after catching the train from Glenbrook. Was a bit fazed by the fit looking bunch but I seemed to run ok, most of the way with Mister G. They chose the night as it was a full moon and mostly could run without a torch as it was firetrail and it had recently been graded. Also Mister G’s torch was bright enough for everyone ! Amazingly I even ran up from the causeway all the way to the top, finished approx 12.30am. Hung around for a drink and a chat etc then ran the last 1.2 km back to the car. Home by 3am, then I had a batch and went to be at 3.30am.

Also been doing a lot of running with the missus most weekends. I feel like I am getting fitter etc.

But clearly not fit enough. I went for a 32km run with a friend in the RNP last weekend but only made 27km. The weather was scheduled for an unseasonably hot day (29C). I started off strong, possibly too strong – a common failing of mine. I guess I started to sag approx 20km but to be honest I just ground to a halt almost completely. I’d been making jokes before about lying at the side of the track waiting to die but that was pretty much how I felt about an hour later. There was just literally nothing left. I wonder if its because I have done very few runs over 2-3hrs and so that’s exactly how long I can run for. I have just been taking a handheld and no good but I don’t really think that was the cause. Could have been though – 2 bottles in 4hrs ? I walked more or less from Marley almost to the trig point and then abandoned my mate (who had to run back to Audley) and I hitched a lift back to Bundeena (incidentally by a guy that used to run Six Foot who recognised me!) I felt pretty bad about not being able to finish a run (an excellent course I must admit), pretty bad for leaving a mate, and of course I was so buggered I could barely stand up straight. Still I managed to run 11km the next day in 28C with the missus. She caned me. Looks like I need to go out for longer and harder more frequently!

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