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27-Jul-2009 Pah ! Pathetic!

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This last month I have been busy at work. get up 6am-6.30am walk the dog and off to work with barely even a glance at CoolRunning or my emails. The wankers at work have barred gmail access so I can’t catch up on my emails and in fact don’t even look at them until after I get home approx 8pm+. Sometimes by the time I eat then sit down its 10pm. IF I CAN BE BOTHERED. Work just sucks it all out of you such that its hard to care.

I have a netbook with wireless 3g card so can catch up on the train or sneak it on during my lunch break but being in 24-hour electronic contact – it’s, like, so totally yesterday.

I had been looking forward to the Royal National Park Ultra for most of the year and although my training had been ok, in a sort-of underdone type of way, but on the day I was just flat:

Not a great day for me. I came into it with a reasonable fitness and visions of running well over the 77km. However, after a fair start, I slowed on the forest path and Wallamurra and asked Trailpuddin’ to lead. I then dropped like a stone and even on the road section I felt a bit flat, so decided to go short and just do the 48km. It was still a very long way back from Garie, didn’t see anyone else at all until Miuns15 caught me up halfway between wattamolla and Marley. We ran for a bit then he dropped me like a stone. I had heard a new track had been cut this week on the approach to Bundeena, but didn’t realise the extent of it and came off track myself for approx 20mins. I was totally pissed off about this but still did the sandy track, slowly.

I finished in 8h 30m approx (3.30pm). Knackerred but clearly aware I need to pick up my training. Am re-considering 12foot plans.

I also wanted to run the M7 Motorway Marathon or whatever the hell its called but I couldn’t be bothered to spend the money to run crap. Originally I couldn’t as my cousin from Hong Kong was here and due to fly back this morning, but his flight changed and he went yesterday. Luckily I went for a great run with the missus from Garie Beach for 2h 10m in the puring rain and mud, just how I like it.
There was a ding-dong on CoolRunning a couple of weeks back. Its quite depressing how people can feel sooo worked up and disappointed over a free website. what can I say other than it depresses the shit out of me. So much so that I now refuse to moderate and in any case I think the other mods have had enough of me sticking my oar in. There is a fascinating line of thought that it may not be the particular moderators or even the moderating policies but its just that people run riot on forums and think everyone should do as THEY SAY.

Case in point:

Also an article in today’s paper about masterchef:

Online, the positive MasterChef vibe evaporates into rage and vitriol.

The contestants are ugly, or liars, or just fat. The judges are corrupt, inept, or fat. The producers are callous and cynical, definitely racist and probably fat, too.And when they’ve finished shredding these complete strangers, the chatters turn on one another. Each thread of conversation eventually twists itself into a skein of accusations and faux affronts and, most tedious of all, emoticons.

There are some thoughtful, considered remarks _ usually published with the writer’s full name. No coincidence, I reckon.

But it proves that even when producers excise the nastiness from reality TV, plenty of viewers will rush to their keyboards to put it back in.

For myself, generally a positive person, I don’t want to get involved in any negative stuff, just stay focussed on the positives – CoolRunning has in the past, and continues, to change people’s lives for the better by either getting them started running or keeping them running, often better than by themselves, so all the nay-sayers can just go f**k themselves.

Some good stuff – and I would rather spend more time on this:

We are just about to send some recyled runners to an Aboriginal Women’s walking group in WA and to a bunch of runners in Port Moresby PNG

websites worth reporting on:
none, actually that’s not true – my recent delicious tags indicate:
– a new online tv guide – the ones that come out with the sunday papers are not up to scratch these days, often not even correct for the day the paper is issued let alone a week later.
– a cool online imaging site for people using a zillion different pcs to work on, like me.
– some cool text based photos/images
– clash snappers – many oblique arty references here. noice.

music worth reporting on:
none – just listening to old stuff

books read:
Sid Vicious: No One is Innocent. good book. I know pretty much the whole story incl the ending. worth reading though.
– too safe for their own good – how risk & responsibility help teens thrive yeas ok, like most self help books. a good pamphlet could suffice.
– Aid and Other Dirty Business – great stuff. I really liked his interesting presentation and first hand knowledge of something that could be very dry indeed.

Comments on the original posting to my CoolRunning blog:

Serena-Jul 28 2009 12:08 PM-Lots of really interesting info here thanks Kev.
Plu-Jul 29 2009 09:37 PM-You might like this attempt to kill email – you seem to have mastered it by default
john stevens-Aug 04 2009 01:35 AM-Kev, I just love this blog. As fellow exhausted parent, I also applaud the effort you put into thinking and typing out your thoughts, incl. the hyperlinks, for which I have forgotten the code, until I can be bothered to look it up again. But I waffle off here…
There was a shin-dig on CR? And I missed it? Or is it just that I didn’t recognise which one you were referring to, as there is so much digging going on. Was it a thread Paul (oh, I’m sorry, I mean “I”) started ;-). Interesting the article re- Masterchef – I would occas. check out the forum, and was aghast at the stuff being posted. Bitter, bitter people, busy not getting on with their lives. I just loved the show – am curious to try the beer and chocolate muffins, if ever I see a recipe.
Re- the running – just keep running. I mean, an 8 hr 30 run is ferkin amazing, something I will never do. Fluff up those chest feathers a bit, OK?
*sigh* baby needs settling. Gotta go. Cheers.
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