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30-Jun-2009 Not Red – Reading & Thinking

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where to start?

well I did a race, fatass but not by name and no I didn’t organise it, and it wasn’t even mentioned on CR. I estimated 3h 30m but did 4h 08m in cold rain. still I was a bit disappointed. not that I came nearly last (I don’t actually care about the position) but how can anyone run nearly 2hrs faster than me on a 4hr run! winner was 2:21 (results). I mean I actually ran fast on some of it. really. and I totally knew the course and didn’t stop or fart around etc. I must be some miserable middle-aged has-been !!

Next I bought this cool kitchen gadget and been making spaghetti radish, beetroot, zucchini etc so been having a lot of salads. Even the kids been getting into them. Also making some pesto (pine nuts, basil, bit of oil, bit of balsamic – NO CHEESE, vegan).
Attached Image
Attached Image

Bookwise – have been tucking into the books again – I read The Road to Wigan Pier. George Orwell has been a recurring author through my life. The book is fairly depressing, but his portrayal of socialists closely matches many I have known. I don’t think I have ever voted labour, or classed myself as a socialist but have been close to it at times. Ultimately socialism (and communism) lost because people are just too f**king greedy and selfish, but Orwell didn’t see it like that, but it became clear in post-war America, Europe and then Asia.

I was then lucky enough to buy Red China Blues at a market in Bundeena for about $4. This rammed home the point about why communism and socialism failed the world over and will continue to fail (without some big arse government like Mao’s pointing a gun at your head).

Anyway I am reading something a bit lighter now – Jesse Martin’s Lionheart (you know, the kid who sailed around the world solo).

Last weekend I felt totally cactus – its been pretty busy and fairly stressful at work. Working long hours. Worse is that I have been getting up at 6am/6.30am to walk the dog. Its ok generally, nice gentle walk along the beach etc watching the sunrise come up, listening to the waves lap etc, but to be honest if I get up that early I want to go for a run! Anyway didn’t even run last weekend, just spent the time reading and perfecting home made chai.

I barely answered any emails, and that includes CoolRunning stuff. A shame as sook is away and me and vurt are on a go slow. I feel like I am over everything and need to quit everything and re-charge my batteries. That’s what I want to do. Re-boot. Start afresh. Come back as a better runner.

We had some computer troubles and were one down (we have 3 permanently connected and shared for all in the house, not counting my netbook which is not shared) and when I fixed that I decided to do a proper backup. I use the free option within Mozy to store my main files online but have other archives also.

Websites – I read a lot about all sorts of things – here are a couple that I highlighted and thought about. neato:

How to feel like you have time to read everything – Only losers say they don’t have time to read blogs.

Why Technology Can’t Fulfill – technology generates fake choices, meaningless options, or real choices that are really entrapments.  This is an argument worth exploring because there is some truth in it.

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