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19-Jun-2009 Big River Man

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last week, i went to see this film that i read about in the newspaper:

Martin Strel, an endurance swimmer from Slovenia, swims rivers — the Mississippi, the Danube, and the Yangtze to date — to highlight pollution in the world. In his fifties and rather overweight, his treacherous journey brings him face to face with many obstacles, including water predators, rapids, and toxic pollution. Spearheading the expedition is Strel’s son and manager, who also becomes the film’s narrator… Part world-class sporting event, part circus sideshow, the film follows the colourful characters 3,375 miles over 66 days on history’s longest, most perilous swim. Big River Man is a psychological thrill ride that works as both a humorous character study and an enlightening environmental message; it has to be seen to be believed. (Sundance Film Festival).


There is a great article in The Age here and of course his own website at http://www.bigriverman.com/

Paul, Diane, Emjay & others made it by getting standby tix right on time. It was a fantastic film and I hear it will be on general release in AUS in August. Better still, Martin the swimmer and his son the fillum-maker were there to give a brif beforehand and took part in Q&A afterwards. I felt very honoured to be there, and it was a shining example of just what people can achieve if they put their minds to it.

Me & The Big River Man

We went out and had some sushi near world square afterwards. mmm good.

It got me thinking in the days afterwards about some big sort of dreams I have had but pushed to the back of my mind of a journey run of my own. obviously I have thought of this a lot over the years, a journey run has always interested me, under my own rules ie carry very little, definitely by myself, and sleeping rough. I have measured the run I want to do – 2600km as the crow flies so probably 3000km+ actual route, with mountains and some additional challenges. it will be a very spiritual run but may take me 10yrs to get it off the ground. ’nuff said!

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