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28-May-2009 Last Weekend

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oh boy – I am really getting into this running lark:

Saturday. The weather looked shite when I woke up so thought it would just be a hard core few at bushies. there were loads of people. From wattamolla there are only a few options and we headed towards killer gorge. some new guys running and I was going well so figured I would clean them up later. I came stone last from our group even though I ran well. Even Six Bricks beat me. Billy listed me under the females for being so slow. Still I had a good run. Saw Lynda coming back close to Wattamolla (she’s on CR too). Heard about the bishops race (ssshhh…) I put it down as 16km. felt like it anyway. pretty pooped for the rest of the day, can’t even remember what I did, running is always the best part of the day.

Sunday. SMC 25km. I wanted to go to top up the kms and have a hit out as I run mainly by myself I wanted to see how I’d go. Answer was shithouse time although I was fairly happy with my time (2:25) equivalent to a 4:04 marathon. Jeezus, I need to sort myself out if I am going to run sub-3 anytime soon! I started off midway thru the pack then slowly drifted to the back. SMC need to be congratulated on putting on a top event – just how I like it – well run but no bullshit. Same as Striders. Compared to SMH, C2S and Blackmore’s then its not hard to see why I don’t worry about the big end of town. Good to catch up with everyone afterwards (briefly) – had to dash home to take a tiddler to swimming lessons. I also dropped off approx 100 pairs of recycled runners. Totally cactus in afternoon.

Went running early morning on Tues and weds, need to put in some hard yards. Loving it. the best.

Been listening to the new manic street preachers album. t’is good. I read some of this book – Thick Face, Black Heart but chucked it in the recycle bin. total shite. waste of money. I am waiting for the road to wigan pier to arrive by post, but if not then I will start on the sid vicious book.


This was originally posted to my blog on CoolRunning. It attracted one comment:

Tim: so let me get this straight.  you are a ferral bush runner who shuns main events yet you are talking about a sub 3 marathon :)

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