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22-May-2009 This Weekend & Kortenray

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This saturday I plan to run with the bushies from Wattamolla (be there 6.50am) they will do approx 16km. then on sunday I plan to run the 25km (on road!) with the sydney marathon clinic. we’ll see how I do. During april I was on target for my 2000km this year but I am approx 100km adrift now so need to pick up some decent runs.

I was going thru some archives – am trying to scan in everything and reduce amount of paper I have when I found this. back in the late 1980s I clipped this out from a superb running mag that is no longer around.

You need to know that at the time I also used to run around Richmond Park like a crazy man. If you go to London then look it up – Richmond is a nice place and only a short train ride from the city. It is about 16km all round and has some excellent running paths – undulating hills, lots of trees but easy to find your way. There are paths criss-crossing the park but also lots of long grass you can run on. I have seen seb coe running here, and hugh jones (old guys that gen y won’t have heard of). The last time we were here we saw a pack of african runners running in peloton fashion – very beautiful.

Mike Kortenray – one of my inspirations:

I have just finished the Garbageland book. Good. But it didn’t really grab me. I will add it to the list of books I have to swap or sell.

ps I bought the lucky man song in previous post when the verve first released it, but was reminded of it in the film my kids just watched – marley & me – great if you are a dog owner. anyway there is a great scene there where they play the song. worth seeing the film just for that.

As this post appeared on my coolrunning blog, I did have a couple of comments:

Brick – Great article Kev.

Serena – Kevin I used to work in Twickenham (and later Teddington) for a car magazine in the v. early 90s – I used to see Seb Coe wandering about the place; he was so skinny. Also used to see Benny Hill wandering around. I wonder if the two of them were mates?  :)

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