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20-May-2009 I’m A Lucky Man

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Over the weekend I didn’t make it out for a kayak. But I went running twice, so you can’t complain.

Sunday – took the tiddler for a swimming lesson. Saw Andrew Lloyd with his toddlers. Funny as I last saw him a couple of weeks back at the Easter Show in the farmyard area. I suspect he thinks I am stalking him! Then I went to a 4yo birthday party over the road. All 3 kids went and we were there for approx 3hrs. Its funny but all the adults were interesting folk and it was great to hang out and chat (most kids parties are just kid talk and I hate hanging around other parents, but this is Bundeena and always interesting).

The missus came home from work approx 4pm and we went running together – a very rare event indeed via Bonnie Vale to Maianbar then Yennabilli and back for a swim (high tide!) across to the spit and back along the beach. We saw a massive stingray washed up on the beach – the head must have been a metre diameter and the tail easily another 1.5m. Running back along the beach I totally mashed the missus (even rarer).

I waited for her at the camp ground and we run home together. I truly felt when I got home that I was a lucky man and if that was the last run I ever did, I would be very happy, I was on such a high.

Today I was well inspired by reading about shoguns efforts at TNF100 and on the plant powered emails about his diet. I went for a run tonight along Horderns and Jibbon beaches – dark, cold, rain and wind, not another living soul in sight. I ran in a running Tshirt I found on the beach. It was fantastic even though I was only out for 30mins – I really should make an effort to make sure I do something little each day, even if just 20 mins or so. I felt great afterwards – wet and cold but really happy. It reminded me of the early days – more than 25 years ago now, when I started running in my soccer kit, running around the streets like a maniac. no watches, no times, just me and the road.

I have been considering running Poor Man’s comrades in the run up to 12 foot, but I am not so sure now. I tiwll just take ages to to get to gosford and maybe I might run 50km or so in the park. Then 11th july we are doing 77km of the RNP ULtra, that should be adequate for 12foot and arguably bush running (even on firetrails) will be better suited for 12 foot training that the road.


As I copied this post from my old blog – here were the comments attached:

Shogun commented:
I really live through some fond memories reading your posts. My Great-grandmother owned a house called “High Tide” (? I think) right on the beach at Bundeena and I spent every summer there with my family growing up. My Auntie owned the place next door until she died a few years ago too.
I might have to leave the mountains and come over and have a run on these trails you so fondly talk about with you one of these days.
Not sure if I’ll run 12FT this year but good luck.
Firehorse commented:
What are the chances that was Lloydy’s t-shirt, Kev?  Best not wear it in the Sutho to Surf, I’m thinking.
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